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Never Quit!!

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Never Quit!!

Post  CTDan on Sun May 25, 2014 4:27 pm

So, here I am, in a losing battle (I'm 2nd from top tier), and we're losing 7-0.

I just said screw it, and pushed valley by myself (we're in Lakeville, standard battle).

Found a M43E2, afk half way up the valley, took him out.  Saw an arty peeking out, 1 shot!!  Saw another arty trying to run, 1 shot)  Then, they were capping with 3 guys, but so was I, and our guys reset a few times until they died, but, I was up to 70% of cap, before they came down the lake road for me, and a Hellcat was hiding on the lower road towards the city.  He was too low and we kept exchanging shots and neither one of us moved.

Then a Churchill came around the corner, another 1 shot, an E25 right behind him, tracked him and hurt him, and finished him off with the 2nd shot.

Finally, the Hellcat, who should have just came at me, decided it was time, and when he was in the clear, he was dead with one shot too.  

Very fun battle!!


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